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Our Dream

You can achieve your dreams at any age. Proving that is our mission.

The Spiritual Coordinators Association (SCA) is dedicated to the theme of “You can achieve your dreams at any age” and strives to nurture professional counselors who can help people resolve their concerns.

Our main activities include:
1. Conducting Spiritual Coordinator Training Courses (followed by post-course support).
2, Providing counseling services for businesses and organizations. Through these initiatives, we are committed to resolving as many people’s concerns as possible and continuing to support them in achieving their dreams.

Our Vision

Spiritual Coordinator
New Profession. Get Qualified.

Spiritual Coordinator Association aims to contribute to world peace by fostering the harmony of the hexagram of soul, mental(unconsciousness), mind(thoughts/consciousness),feeling, heart(emotions) and body.

This is achieved through balancing and developing the core of the super consciousness using pentagram of five skills: counseling, healing, channeling, reading, and therapy. This process leads individuals to become spiritually and economically prosperous.

What we value

Becoming a Spiritual Cooridinator is the “means,” Living a happy life is the “goal”.

We don’t consider ‘becoming a counselor‘ as the goal for our participants. Instead, we believe that the goal is for our participants to utilize the knowledge and experiences gained from this course to live a happy life themselves.

That’s why, in the SC Counselor Training Course, we don’t just teach counseling skills. We also emphasize the importance of:

– Nurturing one’s own heart and enhancing one’s personal charm.
– Setting valuable purposes and goals for one’s own life.
– Utilizing the subconscious mind to achieve desired outcomes.
– Developing spiritual knowledge for personal growth and transformation.
We aim to provide essential knowledge and skills for living a happy life. We hope that this course serves as a catalyst for you to love yourself more and live a happier life.

About the course

Spiritual Coordinator Training Course

This course, one and only in the World, offers a comprehensive online (with some in-person sessions) program for learning systematic spirituality (knowledge of the unseen world) and counseling techniques, based on neuroscience, psychology, subconsciousness, and quantum physics, encompassing a total of 120 topics.

Established in 2016, with over 1800 students, our course caters to individuals ranging from beginners to those aspiring to become professional counselors. Participants come from diverse backgrounds, including business owners, professionals in various fields, healthcare and caregiving professionals, and individuals interested in helping family and friends with their concerns and providing support (not necessarily as a profession).

Moreover, many attendees are driven by a desire to understand how our innate attributes—soul(spirit),heart(emotions),body,mind(thoughts/consciousness,), mental(unconsciousness), feeling and —affect us individually, seeking a deeper understanding of the fundamental aspects of human nature.

Coorporate Counseling & Coaching Service

When people are burdened with worries and anxieties, their hearts can continue to weaken if they don’t have someone they can truly confide in nearby. However, in the workplace, it can be challenging to show one’s vulnerable side, and many people find it difficult to confide in their bosses or colleagues with their true feelings. Furthermore, even if subordinates or colleagues do approach for advice, some managers or HR professionals may struggle to find effective solutions and may feel overwhelmed.

At the SCAssociation, we offer Counseling & Coaching Support for businesses, aiming to help valued employees and team members regain their mental well-being and work with enthusiasm. Through professional counseling techniques, we provide a means for individuals to find solace and address their concerns, benefiting both employees and organizations alike.


“What is your dream?”
“Are you happy right now?”

Unfortunately, many adults may not have ready answers to these questions.

As they age, they may feel their possibilities diminish, choices narrow, income decline, and physical vitality wane.

Over time, they might unconsciously limit their own potential and struggle with a lack of hope for their future, despite secretly harboring dreams they’ve long wished to pursue.

Somewhere along the way, they might have inadvertently confined themselves to a life defined by two narratives:

“I’ll do it because I can.”
“I won’t do it because I can’t.”

This narrowing of personal potential can lead to inner turmoil and conflict, causing many adults to suffer in their later years.

However, our SC Association views things quite differently.

In our perspective, with each passing decade, from the 30s to the 40s, the 40s to the 50s, and so on, life experience lengthens and individual value increases. Each person’s charm and capacity as a human being expand.

Rather than settling for a life without self-confidence, we advocate for a life where you believe in your potential and pursue your dreams. Instead of a life where you dislike yourself, we encourage a life where you love who you are.

It’s not a life where you lack trust in anyone;

it’s a life where you trust your companions and loved ones from the bottom of your heart.

Learning to love yourself, believing in the possibilities of your own life, trusting others wholeheartedly, and being open to challenges regardless of age – this is the vision we have for the future of the world.

A future where we wake up in the morning without hearing about tragic events or accidents on the news, where no adults are too stressed to go to work, where every child can attend school, and where elderly people never feel lonely.

We understand that this isn’t an easy task, but we firmly believe it’s worth pursuing. To achieve this vision, we offer opportunities to learn about the ‘unseen world’ and counseling techniques, which can help individuals overcome their own challenges and achieve their dreams.

To all Spiritual Coordinators and each and every participant, we believe that your small efforts will eventually change Japanese society and contribute to global peace. We remain committed to our daily work with this belief in mind.

Representative Director
Maki Takasaki

Association Overview

Association nameInstitute SpiritualCoordinator Association
Establishment13th Sep 2017
Address4-5-26 aoyama minato tokyo, Japan
Representative DirectorMaki Takasaki
Representative LectureMiho Sakurai
Activities1. The issuance of certification credentials for Spiritual Coordinators.
2. Comprehensive research and investigation into the spiritual realm.
3. Promotion of trainers to increase awareness and understanding.
4. Development of human resources for salon workers and salon owners.
5. Conducting seminars and events, introducing related products and services.
6. Publishing materials and educational resources. Any other activities necessary to achieve the stated objectives.