The World Charity Project is our giving spirit to enhance the world peace.

In the SC Association, we’re all about not just chasing our own happiness, but also making sure those nearest and dearest to us—our loved ones, family, friends, and allies—are thriving. Because we believe that’s the first stride towards global peace. On a global scale, however, unlike Japan, which is materially blessed, there are various issues plaguing our planet. Poverty, environmental concerns, warfare, educational disparities, drug abuse, gender discrimination—you name it, the list goes on. At first glance, these seem like insurmountable problems beyond our capabilities to solve. Even if we can’t initiate massive changes, smiles and kindness begin with small actions. Believing that our little actions can lead to someone else’s smile, we’ve launched the “World Charity Project,” rallying everyone’s giving spirit. Through this, we’ll extend our support for children living in impoverished areas, ensuring a brighter present and future for them.

World Charity Project Activity Report

Donation of Playground Equipment to Elementary School in Cambodia (April 2024)

We donated three pieces of playground equipment (a swing, a slide, and a merry-go-round) to Tacocchi Elementary School in Cambodia.

Although the school was closed for the Khmer New Year, many children attended the donation ceremony and enjoyed playing on the new playground equipment.

In commemoration of the playground equipment donation, a monument bearing the name of the Spiritual Coordinators Association was installed in the schoolyard.

Thank you very much to everyone who made generous donations.

Maqui Takasaki

Miho Sakurai

Akemi Kato

Eiko Kubota

Hidemi Asahi

Hanako Saito

Kei Amuro

Sawako Oguro

Akiko Nomura

We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported us m(_ _)m.

The World Charity Project will continue to support the children of Cambodia. To create a cycle of happiness and prosperity together, we kindly ask for your continued support of our project. We also welcome new donors who are considering making a contribution!

We were invited to the home of Minister Sian Bunlen, a high-ranking official in the Cambodian government.

In our next endeavor, our dream is to build a school building. Please support us in making this dream a reality.
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